They say marriages are made in heaven and we at Soulmate Matrimony, are trying to bring together that someone who is made for you. We welcome you all to celebrate with us the Success Stories of the innumerable married couples who have found their dream partner through Soulmate Matrimony. We wish them the very best for a happy and successful married life.

Cashan & Majitha

Dear Ms. Hafsa, Assalamu Aalikum! As you could remember that both myself and my partner shared the same fear of getting married again after an unsuccessful marriage. Throughout the process you helped both of us to find a perfect match according to our expectations. Yo...Read More

Irshad & Sakeena

Dear Ms Hafsa, Assalamualaikum  You would remember a few months ago I walked into your office on a sunny morning, sat down  started chatting and informed you that we were contemplating a marriage for our widowed daughter Sakeena and I was anxious if you could work o...Read More

Shahadath & Shahla

I recommend to anyone who is looking for a good partner. They provide a very professional service and understand your needs well.

Haarith & Saarrah

Most of the muslim families in our  Islamic society within SL are very old fashioned and most of the time very  timid in decision making also majority of them do not look at a positive response when proposals are made for their daughter or their son .our muslim ummah ...Read More

Abdul Malik & Sumaiya

It was absolutely amazing to work with Hafsa on such an important task - finding a life partner.  She is always ready to help. Follows on every detail before making arrangements between the two parties to have a conversation/meet up or passing contact details.  ...Read More

Hussain & Qadar