Irshad & Sakeena Wedding Date: 24th June, 2023

Dear Ms Hafsa,
You would remember a few months ago I walked into your office on a sunny morning, sat down  started chatting and informed you that we were contemplating a marriage for our widowed daughter Sakeena and I was anxious if you could work out a suitable match, I enlightened you with all the details with our expectations. At the end of the conversation you very positively told me that you could identify a suitable proposal. You suggested that there was a candidate who would suit our daughter.  AlhamduLILLAH we pursued started contact and our daughter too did same which brought positive results. The gentleman namely Irshad Zuhair was found suitable and we finally accepted the match and on 24 June with the will of almighty ALLAH the Nikah was solemnised and now mashaALLAH our daughter the bride Sakeena and bridegroom Irshad are happily married, for all of which we have to be immensely grateful and deeply obliged to you. Ms Hafsa may I sincerely admit that you are  passionate and professional in your  career which is highly admirable. I can say that you are undoubtedly a "Marriage  Consultant" unlike many others who are just " Marriage  Brokers". I am certain that just like ourselves many other families would  have benefited from your services. 
Thank you so much for everything and may I conclude by saying, "KUDOS" and "Well done" 
Kind regards, and good wishes 
Karim Yoosuf