Haarith & Saarrah Wedding Date: 26th June, 2022

Most of the muslim families in our  Islamic society within SL are very old fashioned and most of the time very  timid in decision making also majority of them do not look at a positive response when proposals are made for their daughter or their son .our muslim ummah sometimes do not understand what to look in a proposed marriage .there is no proper criteria or principles in their thinking  .but in my case we are a professional muslim family with Our own islamic principles on the line of holy prophet muhhamed SAW guidelines and way of life .we are very positive mind set and we look at the bigger picture of a proposed marriage .therefore when i had 12 brokers in our network most of these brokers are in tradition mundset thinking where unnecessary issues are looked at during a proposal from both sides this leads to major conflicts and misunderstandings in the proposal before any decisions are made  Therefore there is a lot of family involvement. Most of the   younger generation nowdays they have to go with 
the traditions of the their families. Traditionally going ahead with brokers who are not professionals. Almost 12 brokers who are involved with me for past 1 year had no professional approach ,only two weeks ago i was introduced to Soulmate and we had a meeting for 2 hours she went thru the entire process of scanning our family background and our daughters profession including many things which are not even considered by Any of the traditional brokers on both parties in a proposal and petsonalized service of a class of its own made us feel very relaxed and comfortable and the very first proposal soulmate made it was masha allah successfully  finalized within a week .main reason is the knowledge Soulmate mate had in her mind the partnering the right person for the right party compatibility in a professional environment . We were very fortunate to come to terms with Soulmate to achieve our goals and objevtives within one week is amazing insha allah very soon my daughter will be engaged to her proposed partner due to the professional leadership from Soulmate has enabled us meet a good partner with similar qualities we expected .this is mind boggling and i have no hesitation in recommending Mrs Hafsa of Soulmate to any family looking for a Marriage proposal for their son or daughter .her track record in last 12 years is 98% success marriages .very efficient and honourable ,good cordinator and a Negotiating skills 
Highly skilled talent in this trade we wish her all the best in her future endeavors Jazakallah khairan Hassan Nauzeer Sinhawansa